Dobbie the Tenth Reindeer
Brand: Dobbies Garden Centres
Nationality: United Kingdom
Years active: Christmas periods of 2014 and 2015
Appearance and age
Species: Reindeer
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Black
Personal information
Occupation: Santa Claus's tenth reindeer
Dobbie the Tenth Reindeer served as the mascot of British garden centre Dobbies Garden Centres during the Christmas period of 2014 and 2015. As her title suggests, she is the tenth reindeer on Santa Claus's sleigh team.

In the Dobbies Christmas advert, Dobbie is seen decorating a pine tree (which had a family of arctic foxes sleeping under it) with icicles, leaving a basket of fish for a family of penguins and hanging up berry lights next to a sleeping family of polar bears. After this, Dobbie travels to Santa's home where she is greeted by Rudolph and the other reindeer and rubs noses with Rudolph.

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